The Business of Healthcare: Nursing Leadership Webinar

    Wednesday, February 24, 2021 at 8:00 PM until 9:00 PMEastern Standard Time

    Healthcare professionals and organizations increasingly draw on business practices as they strive to meet the goal of advancing effective healthcare for society. The nurse leader role has evolved to include collaborative relationships with all members of interdisciplinary teams within the healthcare ecosystem. The context of healthcare is critically focused on an environment of accountability for improved quality of care and safety for patients - and the nursing professional is an integral part of this drive for quality and safety. Join our Expert Webinar to hear from four Nurse Leaders who utilize business acumen to complement medical expertise to improve patient outcomes. We will discuss trends, strategies, and challenges in today's dynamic and evolving environment.

    Discussion topics include: How can good business practice help drive better patient outcomes? As a nurse leader, what is the most efficient/appropriate way to minimize costs without sacrificing patient care? How has information technology changed healthcare from the perspective of nursing? How is the Covid-19 pandemic impacting the business side of medicine and nurse practice operations? In the face of extreme competition and a “candidates’ job market,” and an unprecedented challenging workplace pace for nurses, what are the key points you focus on for attracting and retaining talent in your organization? What do you encourage nurses to do to ensure they are practicing good self-care so that they maintain their own well being? How has your nursing team used data to improve responses and outcomes for patient care for typical metrics for which nurses are held accountable, such as surgical site infections, and preventable readmissions?

    Our speakers include Jill Ambrose, Tammy Huster, Richard Miller, Steven Torres, and Theresa Vaughan. Our event will be moderated by Carmen McDonald and Jennifer Maden. To learn more about our experts, click here.

    This webinar is hosted in partnership with Rohrer College of Business Graduate Programs, Rowan University Department of Nursing, and the Rowan University Center for Responsible Leadership.

    Registration is no longer available because the registration deadline has passed.